Tower Tarot Reading

People who know me know that this is my least favorite card in the deck.  The Tower is a Major Arcana card, which means it is here to help us learn a life lesson.  This card is from  the Ancestral Path Tarot.  The scene is a giant tower set against a dark sky with lightning crackling around and striking the tower.  It shows the base of the tower as Stonehenge, topped by the sphinx, topped by a government building, topped by a church and crowned by a skyscraper.  The lightning is striking directly at the church and the skyscraper.  The usual interpretation of this card is that the lightning is blasting us out of our tower. (many decks show two people falling onto the rocks below.)  It is a sudden blast that will violently shake our belief system.
This blast forces us to re-evaluate what we believe and to knock us out of  our complacency.  I pulled this card one morning 7 years ago at a tarot group that was meeting at my house.  I was puzzled because I believed that everything in my life was wonderful.  A few minutes later, I was informed that my 42 year old son was in the hospital and had a brain tumor.  I was certainly rattled to my core.  It turned out to be a horror and my son lived for 6 years.  Now you know why I dislike this card so intensely.
Recently I found writing about the tower that let me look at it a little differently.  That author said that the lightning strikes the tower to free us from our old beliefs so that we can move into a new way of thinking.  No matter, this is still my least favorite card.
If the tower comes up in your reading, be prepared for a major life change that will strike at your very core beliefs.

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