Three of Pentacles Tarot Reading

This week’s tarot reading is the THREE OF PENTACLES from the Rider Waite Radiant deck. Pentacles symbolize earthly resources, exchange, and physical reality. Threes represent synthesis, expansion, or birthing things into being.
In this image, we see three people in a church: an architect who holds the blueprint of an original idea; an artisan holding material to bring the idea into form; and a monk who will ensure the project is completed with integrity and high ideals.
Just as the trio in the card combines vision, skill, and spiritual values, you are being called to embrace these qualities in a new or upcoming group project.
When you work cohesively with others, great success and deep satisfaction can be achieved.
Teamwork, cooperation, and unity are key to accomplishing goals and putting the good of any project ahead of personal desire or ego.
It is important to value each person in a group dynamic and to collaborate with the highest good in mind.
Ask yourself: What are the strengths you bring to a creative endeavor? How can your plans and skills be enhanced by inviting others to join you? Are you a team player?
Now is an opportune time to play nicely with those who offer their help. Pay attention in the coming week to your encounters and conversations that invite you to create something beautiful together.
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