Three of Cups Tarot Reading

This week’s Tarot Card is the THREE OF CUPS from the Rider Waite Deck. Here, we see three young women gathered with goblets raised high in celebration and friendship. There are grapes and fruit at their feet, signifying a time of joyful harvest.
Cups represent our emotions, and the number three symbolizes creativity in all its forms. This happy card suggests a wonderful time to seek out fulfilling, creative possibilities ahead.
The past couple of weeks have asked us to reassess our priorities, attachments, and relationships. With the Death card appearing last week, we were tasked with releasing what no longer serves the highest good to allow new energies to come forward.
Now is the time to acknowledge and rejoice in our meaningful friendships or partnerships, and to come together with renewed connection. The Three of Cups tells us it is time to share our love, gratitude, and energy with others.
Collaborate and create! New goals or group projects can be wildly successful as harmony surges within us and in our relationships at this time.
It is also important to take another’s point of view or opinion into consideration, as this will lead to improved communication and mutual support.
Ask yourself if there are creative pursuits or projects that you have been postponing, waiting for the “right” time to begin?
The Three of Cups speaks of synergy and the power of inspired teamwork. Co-create something beautiful and harvest joy in the process, starting today!