The Star Tarot Reading

This week’s tarot reading with Penny Harrington is THE STAR card from The Heart Tarot by Maria Distefano.
A guardian angel lightly touches the hand of a man who is in deep sleep.  The angel points to a green heart in the middle of an 8-pointed star, glowing in a dark sky. 
The angel is smiling. 
The man appears to be peacefully sleeping.  He is wearing a gold headband set with gemstones and his blankets appear to be ornately designed.

It appears that the angel is telling the man to trust that everything is working out fine and that his desired wishes will come true if he just trusts in the spiritual signs above him. 
The green heart inside the star seems to be saying that his dreams of healing and true love will come true very soon.
With the Star’s appearance this week, you are being asked to put faith in the angels and in your heart. This is a time for you to rest easy, trusting that good things are on their way to you now.
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