The Fool Tarot Reading

This week’s tarot reading is THE FOOL from the Rider Waite Deck. An auspicious card for the New Year, the Fool is the number Zero (0), which can be assigned the first AND last positions of the Major Arcana. The Fool therefore symbolizes both beginnings and endings.
Here, we see the colorfully dressed Fool just starting out on his journey, one foot suspended over a precipice as though prepared to step into midair. His travel companion is a jubilant dog; both figures are expressions of innocence and wonder.
The Fool teaches you about making choices and taking chances. The Fool is trusting he will neither fall nor fail as he sets out into the great unknown, joyful for the simple pleasure of new beginnings.
A wonderful gift for the New Year, the Fool brings you the power of hope and optimism.
As the Fool can also occupy the last spot in the Major Arcana just after The World card, he reminds you that beginnings and endings coexist in life. The conclusion of a calendar year is a wonderful time to release outdated patterns or attachments, pack a knapsack filled with good intentions, and bravely greet the dawn.
Are you ready to take the first bold step of a new journey in the New Year? The Fool dares you to leap with open arms, filled with faith that you will be guided and supported along the way.
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