The Emperor Tarot Reading

Today’s tarot card is The Emperor from the Rider Waite Deck. Here, we see the Emperor dressed in red robes and seated on a throne. He is a figure of authority and worldly success.
The Emperor is holding a gold scepter with an Ankh at the top in his right hand, and a golden apple rests in his left hand. These symbols are associated with eternal life and fertility, yet also as caution against greed. The Emperor is powerfully skilled at manifesting abundance and bringing ideas into form.
As The Emperor signifies our will and ambition, his appearance today calls us to clarify our goals and to take action. Now is the time to carefully consider our priorities, whether we are fulfilling our dreams or if we have become too focused on status or money as the measure of our success.
The Emperor is a strong card for beginning new projects that require focus or analysis, and assures us we have the ability to overcome any obstacle on the road to triumph. He also cautions against self-absorption to the exclusion of enjoying the ride.
How are you manifesting your heart’s desires? Use the energy of The Emperor to bring your dreams into reality starting today, and remember to nurture joy along the way!

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