Ten of Pentacles Tarot Reading

This week's tarot card reading with Penny Harrington is the 10 of PENTACLES from the Gilded Tarot Deck.
The 10 of Pentacle is all about ABUNDANCE!
We see a treasure chest someone has left in the forest with a mouse guarding the contents. The mouse appears quite happy with his fortunate position, and invites us to recognize the abundance that is already ours in life.
The message of this card could signify there will be financial gain on its way; it could be from an unexpected windfall, an inheritance, and is money that is freely given rather than earned. The turtle in front of the chest reminds us to be frugal and not to spend away our good fortune without consideration.
Pentacles are about more than money—they represent our health and career paths as well. In this light, the 10 of Pentacles reflects that any physical illness or setback we may experience will likely pass quickly and health will be restored. In the career aspect of this card, it could mean a job offer or new endeavor is on the horizon that will be both fulfilling and successful.
Today, there is nothing that has to be done in order to receive the abundance being offered. Our good fortune is right in front of us, and our openness to it all that is required!