Snake Medicine Card Reading

This week’s Medicine Card slides into view to assist us in making great change. Look upon SNAKE as a powerful symbol for transformation, to shed the skins of the past and embrace the beauty of your true self just as you are right now.
The power of Snake medicine is transmutation, which is defined as the ability “to change or alter in form, appearance, or nature and especially to a higher form.” In other words, using the medicine of Snake provides an energy of wholeness, expansion, and the ability to experience anything willingly and without resistance.
The appearance of Snake in the cards today reminds us we are infinite, universal beings who are continually growing and changing throughout our lifetimes.
Ask yourself if there is some aspect of your journey in need of transmutation—or change—and if you are ready to shed what no longer serves you.
Close your eyes and imagine you are Snake, your body is one with Mother Earth and your heart beats in time with all of creation. Snake asks you to find your rhythm as a powerful co-creator on your path going forward, and to show off your new skin!
This Medicine Card deck and book by Jamie Sams and David Carson offers insight and wisdom through the power of animal symbolism and sacred teachings. A timeless tool for spiritual growth and transformation, you will love using these cards every day! We have Medicine Cards, as well as other oracle and tarot decks available in the shop…come in to find yours today!


  • I’ve been seeing snakes lately, both in dreams and awake, crossing my path. I was reading “Dancing the Dream” and came across a fragment about how people in the fourth path often dream about an animal chasing them, which is your subconscious telling you to own that Animal Medicine, that sacred wisdom, and think about how it applies to you in that moment of your life. Since I dreamed about a snake chasing me, which didn’t scare me but did seem like she was trying to tell me something, I looked for the meaning of Snake Medicine. It makes all the sense in the world now, it’s exactly what I’m living and what I need for my personal growth.

  • I was totally amazed at the correctness of this card with where I am

    Juan Loera

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