Six of Cups Tarot Reading

This week's tarot card with Penny Harrington is the SIX OF CUPS from the Spiral Tarot Deck by Kay Steventon.
Cups are about emotions and 6’s are about a restoration of harmony after chaos.
This man and woman from an earlier time are surrounded by 6 cups.  5 of the cups are upright and one is lying empty on the ground.  So we know that with 5 of 6 cups being full, they are in a good place emotionally.  They are looking back into the past.  It seems that the woman may have been alone on the porch at some time in the past.  Maybe the spilled cup denotes her loneliness. 
But the real question is why are they looking back in time? Especially when things seem to be so good now? 
If this card appears in your reading, it may mean that it is time to stop thinking about issues that are best left in the past, especially if your life is good now.  Or, it may be time to celebrate how far you have come from that situation in the past.

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