Queen of Pentacles Tarot Reading

This week’s tarot reading with Penny Harrington is the Queen of Pentacles from the Llewellyn Tarot Deck. Pentacles are about earthly resources and Queens are the ones who nurture the energy of the suit. So the Queen of Pentacles nurtures earthly resources.
This regal woman sits on a wooden throne that is firmly grounded into the earth. She holds a golden pentacle. The field she sits in is abundant with flowers and grasses.
The Queen of Pentacles is a person who is very concerned with the health of the earth and the things on it. She would be a good friend when you need one. She is good with money and can teach you about managing your finances. She can advise you on health issues. She protects the animals and other living beings on the planet. Maybe it is time to seek out a financial counselor or a medical person. I would suggest you look for a woman, especially if she is a Taurus.
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