Princess of Pentacles Spiral Tarot

This week’s Tarot reading with Penny Harrington is the PRINCESS OF PENTACLES  from the Spiral Tarot Deck.
The princess is the same as the page in other decks.  This picture shows a beautiful young girl with flowers in her hair, sitting in a flower laden garden and wearing a multicolor striped dress with a leaf pattern on the yoke.  The colors in her dress mimic the colors of the garden.  She is holding a beautiful golden pentacle in one hand and looking at it intently.  
The princess is either a messenger about the suit or a student of the suit.  This princess seems to be studying the pentacle and trying to determine its meaning.  Pentacles are about earthly resources such as health, wealth and the earth. 
This princess seems to love the earth.  She dresses to duplicate the colors in her garden.  She is sitting on the ground in her garden and it appears to be early evening. 
If you draw this card, it is inviting you to take time out of your afternoon/evening to get grounded and enjoy the beauty of nature.  Look around you at the colors and the many shapes and forms of nature.  Relax.  You may want to take a course about the environment or work in that area.  She is urging us to save our earth and love being on it.

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