Princess of Cups Tarot Reading

This week’s Tarot card with Penny Harrington is the PRINCESS OF CUPS from the Ancestral Path Tarot.
The Princess is equal to the Page in other decks. Cups are about the Emotions. The Princess is a young person under 25 usually, who is either bringing you a message about the suit (emotions) or is a student of the suit.
This card shows a young woman in the forest with a full moon in the background. She appears to be gathering herbs and placing them in a ceremonial chalice. She is wearing a cloak which is held by a clasp at her throat.
She also has what appears to be a large Bindi on her 3rd eye. This woman is definitely doing her own thing. She may be a healer gathering herbs for a potion or she may be gathering herbs for a pagan ritual. We can assume from her clothing that her behavior is not typical of a young woman of that time.
If this card appears in your reading, it may be encouraging you to do things your own way and ignore the demands of society. Believe what sounds true to you. Be yourself.
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