Pick A Tarot Card Reading!

Pick a tarot card before peaking at our results below!
Close your eyes for a moment and think about an area of your life where you'd like guidance.
What's your choice ~ Card 1, 2, or 3?
"Your thoughts are the architects of your destiny." ~ David O. McKay
Check out your results!
♥CARD 1: Ace of Cups ~ Your spiritual and emotional wells are overflowing with love. The Ace indicates new – or renewed – passion, joy, and peace within yourself.
You have worked hard to heal past wounds, and now is an opportune time to share your light with others or develop loving connections in your relationships. 
The Ace of Cups invites you to embrace creativity, love, and potential. Will you say yes?
♥CARD 2: High Priestess ~ A Major Arcana card, the High Priestess is a card of contemplation, spiritual wisdom, and inner knowing.
She beckons you to trust your intuition and higher guidance, no matter the challenge or circumstance.
The Priestess is not interested in the good opinions of others, for she knows the answers she seeks are already within her. How about you? 
♥CARD 3: Two of Wands ~ Balance is the message of this card, and its appearance means you need to make a choice.
One wand is stability and familiarity; the other wand is mobility and the unknown. If you’ve been restless or unsure, you can choose to stay put or move forward.
Only you have the power to balance a desire for security with the call to fearlessly expand your horizons. What’s your choice?
♥Work with the energies of your card in the coming week and notice the opportunities that arise for your awareness and growth.

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