Page of Swords Tarot Reading

Today’s tarot card is the Page of Swords from the Rider Waite deck. Pages represent curiosity, self-discovery, and the beginning steps toward actualizing potential through learning. Swords symbolize intellect, discernment, concepts and ideas.
We see the Page holding a confident stance atop a mound with a view from above, and the sword is raised high above his head. Still a novice in the order of Court cards (Knight, Queen, and King being more experienced), this Page seems prepared to stand his ground as new information comes his way.
Today’s message is about honing clarity with healthy skepticism. Like the Page, it will be important to practice emotional detachment while nurturing your more inquisitive nature.
Now is a time to ask questions, research, and determine the best course of action. Have you been blindly following someone else’s lead or forming good opinions and judgments of your own?  You can use the sword of your personal truth to ‘cut’ through any confusion or perceived obstacles and to reveal the way forward.
Discretion is also key as you practice factual engagement and objectivity in your affairs. Consider your intentions before acting impulsively, and weigh your words or decisions carefully for they are indeed powerful.
Take a moment to mimic the Page’s cool, observant stance that will empower you to view your present situation more clearly.
The Page reminds us that while we wield the mighty sword of great potential, we must choose wisely or accept the consequences that may follow. 

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