Nine of Swords Tarot Reading

This week’s tarot card with Penny Harrington is the 9 of SWORDS  from the Llewellyn Tarot Deck.
This card depicts a woman in her bedroom with 9 swords on the dark wall near her bed.  There are heavy drapes at the window with a long tassel dangling from them.  The woman has long light brown hair and is wearing a white nightgown with a lace ruffle at the neck.  The bedspread is a blue luxurious brocade.  The bed consists of a wooden base with carvings of what appears to be a person clad in a cape on a horse.  There are people in the background. 
On top of the carved wood base is a thick red mattress with two pillows in white pillow cases and with white sheets.  This appears to be a bedroom furnished with costly furniture and linens.
The woman is setting up in bed with her hands covering her face as if she is in anguish.  What is it that keeps her awake and in anguish at night?  As we know, swords are about thoughts and beliefs.  The nine means it is nearing the end of the issue.  Is she worried about the figure on the horse or is  it about some events that are beyond her control. 
If you draw this card and you are losing sleep, examine what you are thinking about at night.  What have you been worrying about for quite a while that you hope is coming to an end?  It appears that the worries are about others.  Rather than continue to lose sleep, try to adjust your beliefs about the situation.  Maybe you can change your thoughts by meditation or exercise or simply being better informed or turning off the news!!  Whatever is going on, it is nearly over.  Use that as a ray of light!

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