Messages from Angels with Laurine Tonkin

"Sit with the sorrow, the sadness and the love, put on the soundtrack to your life right now and know that this is all rising to the surface for a reason.
After taking a deep dive over the last few weeks it's been pretty intense and some of what we've experienced is so unknown to us that we're not sure how to resolve it. Yet know that Spirit is in full charge here and knows exactly how to lead you into your wholeness & healing.
Let yourself be guided by those around you, by what you see and what you hear, and by what moves you, your guides are speaking, be aware.
Through music and art formation let Spirit flow through you with fluidity and movement and with love and light. Know that you are surrounded by Spirit and what is wanting to be birthed from you right now is love, forgiveness, sanctity and Union of your one true self.
Your beloved soul is integrating into you more now than you could ever possibly imagine right now, open you arms and let her or him In. I love you ❤
We love you
You are love
We are one
And so it is
From Laurine's Angels
What is your soundtrack right now? What is getting you going? How are you moving through the energy?
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