King of Swords Tarot Reading

This week’s tarot card is the King of Swords from the Rider Waite deck. Swords represent our logic or beliefs—they cut through illusion to the truth of the matter. Kings are masters of their suit with an external focus on DOING. Two birds in the image behind the King signify the duality that exists within each of us, and what we must balance to ensure sound judgment.
Here, we see the King calmly seated on a throne, his slanted sword pointing toward the heavens as though to call upon higher reason for greater insight.
The message today is to demonstrate disciplined fairness, to act with morality and consideration for another’s point of view.
As a card of action, the King of Swords tells us to lead by ‘doing’ and to make decisions that will serve the higher good of all concerned. We can use our intellect, cunning and wit to impose our will over another; however, there will be consequences if we refuse to play nicely.
Think about your relationships today and ask yourself If you have become too rigid in your principles and beliefs. If you approach others with a “my way or the high way” attitude, the King of Swords reminds you that balancing your high ideals with an open mind will usually lead to a better outcome for everyone.
On the other hand, if you have people in your life that seem impossible to please, perhaps now is the time to communicate your desire for equality and harmony. Remember, it is through reasoned understanding of our differences (dualities) that we can truly come together as one.