Heirophant Tarot Card

This week’s Tarot Card with Penny Harrington is THE HIEROPHANT from the Spiral Tarot Deck by Kay Steventon.

Many people do not like the Hierophant from the Rider-Waite deck because it reminds them of strict religions where the leader is often thought to have the authority to interpret the word of their god, but where the people have no direct access to their god.

This card shows a very different Hierophant. This man is covered with arcane symbols and obviously has magical abilities as shown by him manifesting a rainbow between his palms.

He has spirit animals with him and the abundance of celestial bodies shows that he also draws upon astrology to give advice. The Kabala, pagan symbols and runes show that he can use any of that information. His kind face makes him seem like an approachable, friendly person.

The Hierophant is an interpreter of the mysteries and a guide to spiritual living. The Hierophant may be a teacher, counselor, spiritual advisor or a knowledgeable friend. He does not try to force you to believe in any rigid doctrine.

When the Hierophant appears in your reading, it may be a suggestion that you seek out the advice of a wise counselor. On the other hand, it may be saying that it is time for you to serve that role.

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