Five of Wands Tarot Reading

This week’s tarot card is the FIVE of WANDS from the Rider Waite deck. The number 5 often signifies change or challenge, and Wands represent the excitement of desires, ambitions, or creative enterprise.
Here, we see five quarreling figures raising their wands high overhead and firmly standing their ground as they clash against one another. There is much conflict, and no one seems willing to surrender their position.
This card speaks to contradictory interests or opinions that are causing unrest. The message today speaks to the spirit of cooperation and the need for improved communication.
In any relationship, it is important for those involved to feel heard and valued. Have you been tasked to work intimately with others recently, only to find that organization or collaboration are lacking? Is there someone in your life who is unwilling to negotiate or meet you halfway?
You are now being asked to take the lead in resolving differences, to put aside ego or wounded feelings. The Five of Wands challenges us to assert our truth peaceably rather than striking out in aggression or engaging in a battle of wills.
Today is an opportunity to face adversity with calm, to bring fresh creativity and joy into your experiences with others. True forward movement is achieved when we work together for the greater good!

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