Field of Plenty Oracle Reading & Thanksgiving

A beautiful message for giving thanks, this week’s oracle reading is FIELD OF PLENTY from the Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sams (illustrated by Linda Childers).
The Field of Plenty is an Iroquois Teaching about Creation and the power of Great Mystery to meet every physical need in this world by drawing upon the nonphysical plane of eternal abundance.
In Seneca tradition, the Field of Plenty houses all thought-forms that supply abundant creativity here on earth.
The Field of Plenty can provide instant manifestation to anyone who calls for their needs with gratitude prior to receiving those blessings.
With this card’s appearance, you are asked to give thanks now before your needs are met. Gratitude shows Great Mystery you trust the process, free from doubt or scarcity.
When you call upon the Field of Plenty, differentiate genuine need from material wants that serve as mere illusions of happiness.
True needs are always met, and Source operates mysteriously to manifest the perfect answers to your prayers.
In the coming days, consider Thanksgiving as a daily practice more than a holiday that comes once a year.
Rest assured your prayers are heard and abundance is already on its way. Give thanks.
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