Feng Shui Basics for Your Home!

Feng Shui was one of my first spiritual practices and one I still love and practice to this day.  I was introduced to FS while I was working in the San Francisco Bay Area for a national home builder.  In some of our communities, Feng Shui became an obstacle to the sale of a home and my builder needed to have someone on the team with experience in this practice.
I volunteered pretty quickly, not knowing that it was the start of a ten-year journey with Feng Shui culminating in spending a month in China studying and opening a Feng Shui Consulting Business.
The real estate industry is pretty cyclical.  And there were some lean times.  That’s when I learned the true power of Feng Shui.  At one point, I was unemployed, the housing market was in crisis, and the company for which my husband worked was being acquired by a huge corporation (impending layoffs).  I did a thorough Feng Shui analysis of our home and made a few changes.  One of them included hanging a fish-shaped wind chime in the Wealth corner of our home.  Yep.  Wind chime hanging inside.

I activated the enhancement to our wealth area by jingling the chime with intention every day for eight days.  After the eight days, I would jingle the chime periodically to let it know I was still expecting it to help.  We called it “jingling the fish.”  Every time I jingled the fish, we got an unexpected check in the mail.  Literally.  Every.  Time.
This made my husband a convert.  And I know it will work for you.  Here are a few Feng Shui basics to get you started.


The Bagua is both a symbol of abundance and the Feng Shui energy map of your home.  It is shaped in an octagon.  It identifies specific directions, elements, colors and properties.  When it is oriented over your home or your room, it divides the space into nine quadrants.  In order to implement Feng Shui adjustments, or cures, you need to orient the bagua to your home.  There are several schools of Feng Shui.  In my belief that you orient the bottom of the bagua with the entry doors of your home.
Each area of the bagua relates to a specific area in your life.  Making adjustments to the Chi (life force energy flow) of one area of your home will change the energy flow in your life.
Five Elements
This is a bit more intermediate Feng Shui, but FS divides the world into five different elements:  Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water (this is the creative sequence of elements).  Each element has its corresponding color, emotion and section of the bagua.  Balancing the elements can strongly improve the flow of Chi into your home and life.
For example:  the center square of the bagua corresponds to health.  It’s color is yellow and its element is earth.  If the area of your home corresponding to health has too much …say…red in it.  That color corresponds to the element of fire and too much fire in your health area can “burn up” your health.  You don’t balance fire with water, however.  That’s too chaotic.  You balance the fire by adding more earth.  Since fire creates earth in the five element cycle, earth has a dampening effect on fire.  This example comes to mind because this is an adjustment I am making to my own home right now.
If you are interested in five element theory, I recommend this book:  Decorating with the Five Elements of Feng Shui by Tisha Morris.
Auspicious Animals
Sometimes “curing” or adding energy to one area of the Feng Shui bagua is as simple as adding an auspicious or lucky animal statue.  We’ll definitely be exploring auspicious animals in a future Charms of Spirit subscription box! For this basics post, some auspicious animals include frogs (particularly for money), dragon, phoenix, carp or trout (for long life), lucky cat, lions and tigers for power and turtle for protection.  I don’t suggest using only an image of an auspicious animal to assist in the flow of chi in a space, but they can definitely empower a cure.
Fast & Easy “Cures”
The first step in any Feng Shui adjustment is de-cluttering the space.  The goal of FS is to create a space where Chi flows freely and easily.  Once a space is cleared of clutter, there are a couple of sure-fire, easy ways to improve Chi flow.
Healthy, vigorous plants bring amazing life force energy to a home.  Lucky Bamboo – which is a very strong and easy to grow plant is often used to supplement other adjustments made to an area.
The movement of wind chimes also encourages the flow of Chi.  If your wind chimes are located indoors (as mine were in the example above), make sure to move the charms regularly.
Running Water
Running water is a great way to activate Chi.  We are so lucky that there are great places to get inexpensive table top fountains.  Placing a fountain in any area of your home automatically gets chi flowing.  Make sure that your fountain is cleaned out periodically.  Another Chi activator involving water is a fish bowl – with a gold fish or a Betta fish.  Keep in mind that for water cures the water needs to be moving – not static.
This prosperity “cure” uses a Bagua mirror and coins – then layers in a crystal grid. So powerful.
A mirror automatically doubles the energy in a space.  An octagon mirror reflecting the shape of the Bagua is particularly auspicious.
Feng Shui is a practice you will love as it transforms your home into a sanctuary space!