Empress Tarot Reading

A beautiful message for Mother's Day, this week's tarot reading with Penny Harrington is the Empress from the Gilded Tarot deck. The Empress is a major arcana card. This means it is a major life lesson. ‘Arcana’ means mysterious or hidden knowledge.
The card shows a beautiful woman dressed in luxurious clothing. She is standing inside of a golden wheel inscribed with astrological symbols and is holding a golden symbol for female. Against a darkish background, a full moon hangs in the sky.
This card is about the ultimate in feminine energy. It is Unconditional Love and Abundance. The astrological wheel shows that the woman is connected with the heavens and the golden female symbol shows that she is grounded in her femininity. She is the ultimate earth mother. The moon reminds us that women are closely aligned with the lunar energy of the ocean and the tides.
This card is about standing in your feminine power even if you are a male! It is time to come from a place of love and caring. It is time to approach problems from a heart-centered place and not from aggression. If you are hoping to become pregnant, this card is a good omen. Go hug someone!
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