Eight of Swords Tarot Reading

This week's Tarot card with Penny Harrington is the Eight of Swords from the Lewellyn Tarot Deck. Under a dark and gloomy sky, a woman stands among eight swords stuck in the ground. She appears to be on a sandy beach at night.
She is blindfolded and is bound to a post with a long green scarf. Since this is the suit of swords, she is trapped by her own thoughts and beliefs.
If you examine the picture closely, you will see that the swords are not surrounding her. And, they are stuck in sandy soil which makes them easy to remove or knock down. Also, the bindings holding her are very loose and she could easily shrug them off, remove the blindfold and walk away.
Where in your life are you trapped by your own thoughts and beliefs? Are you actually trapped, or is the trap created by your own imagination? Kick off those bindings and come into the sunshine!
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