Distance Healing with Laurine Tonkin ~ Crystals & Angels

Intuitive & Healing Practitioner Laurine Tonkin wrote this beautiful message for her followers on Facebook and is extending the gift of free distance healing to our online community.
Welcome to my Crystal Healing Bowl.

I am offering this healing energy for those who are in need of some extra support at this time.

This Crystal Bowl contains Selenite, Raw Rose Quartz, Raw Angelite, my Reiki Master Crystal and Angelic Blessings.

I will be directing blessings and healing energy in this bowl twice a day.

Here are just a few of the healing properties being offered:

Angelite ~ The Stone of Angels
*Provides protection for the environment & the body
*Converts fear into FAITH
*Provides inner guidance
*Promotes peace and brotherhood
*Facilitates contact with your Angels, Guides & Higher Self
*Dispels fear, anger & anxiety bringing in peace & tranquility

Raw Rose Quartz ~ The Stone of Tranquility
*Helps comfort in times of grief
*Restores harmony & trust
*Opens the heart to promote self-love & inner feelings of peace.
*Encourages self-forgiveness
*Balances the Heart Chakra

Selenite ~ The Stone of Light
*Brings clarity of mind
*Connects with the Crown Chakra and Soul Star
*Accesses Angelic consciousness
*Instills deep peace & tranquility
*Clears confusion to see the deeper picture
*Removes energy blocks
*Soothes the troubled soul
*Stone of protection

The feather represents the Angelic & Benevolent Light Beings that will also be blessings every name in the bowl.

The Angels are offering Love and Guidance in the way that supports you emotionally, physically, mentally and energetically.

These amazing Beings ALWAYS have your highest good at heart and will always answer your call no matter what your belief system is, you must simply just ASK & TRUST.

I love working with the Angels and cherish my connection with them. They are mighty protectors, healers and a force for the Light. They are messengers of God and are here to heal and protect the planet, and us.

Archangel Raphael ~
The Healer: Angel of healing & healers, Patron Saint of the sick & for those that heal the sick. Color is green

Archangel Michael ~
Protection, faith, courage & strength. He will release you from fear, He is the guardian of all Lightworkers, he provides healing on a soul level, heals your body and emotions, restores your power, gives you reassurance that you are being watched over, he is a leader. Color is blue or purple

Archangel Jophiel ~
Angel of beauty & wisdom, she brings the energy of comfort & compassion at this time of uncertainty to everyone that calls upon her now. Color is pink or yellow

Archangel Gabriel ~
Angel of Light, Hope & Truth, gives us strength when we feel weak, emotional or vulnerable. He helps us to protect ourselves from negativity and encourages us to feel stronger in situations when needed. Color is white

These are the Angels coming in at this particular time but be open to any of the other Angels that may appear for you specifically.

Once your name is placed in the bowl they will connect with you and you will be held in their Light.
You can send Laurine a message with names to receive healing through Facebook:

Blessings to you all, and In Love & Light I send you much Love