DETACH Tarot Card Reading

This week’s Tarot Card with Penny Harrington is DETACH – from the Psychic Tarot of the Heart.
This card mirrors the Justice card in the Rider Waite deck. 
The card depicts a serene woman whose aura is shaped like the windows in a church.  The aura is in beautiful colors of the rainbow, mostly green.  She appears to be walking out of a wintry landscape and is clad in a simple cloak.  She is releasing a white dove.  The word on the card is DETACH. 
Detaching is one of the hardest things for us to do in our hectic lives.  This woman has detached from the coldness of the wintry landscape as shown by her open cloak.  She is detaching from the dove of peace by letting it fly free.  Her simple clothing shows that she has detached from the need to be concerned about her appearance to others.  She has released all of the things that she no longer needs.
This card is asking us to detach from our ego and from all of the discomforts in our lives, and also to detach from the comforts of life.  A little harsh?  Yes, I agree.  We are humans and it is hard for us to detach from everything.  But maybe for a few moments, we can detach from judging others or ourselves.  Maybe we can detach from ego and expectations of others and just BE.  If we can do that, even for just a short time, then we will be in a space where we can make honest decisions and decide what is truly right for us in this life.
Are you up to the challenge?

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