Deer Medicine Card Reading

Walk softly upon your spiritual path with today’s Medicine Card, gentle and compassionate DEER.
Deer symbolizes the heart-space of Source [Great Spirit], which embodies unconditional love for us all.
As Deer appears before us today, softly stepping into our awareness, we are called to recognize the gentleness of our own Spirit in all we do and in all we choose to experience.
Deer asks us to soften our hearts and allow old wounds to be healed, releasing our fears so we may move forward with peaceful silence in our souls.
If we find that we have been pushing ourselves and perhaps others with forceful attempts to create change, now is the time to surrender our willful stubbornness and to instead exercise patience.
Allowing the journey to unfold with gentle surrender and tender compassion will facilitate balance and harmony, transforming our circumstances—and our Selves—for the better.
Deer reminds us to “become like the summer breeze: warm and caring,” and is so doing we will discover great beauty and joy on our paths in this lifetime.


  • Had a rough night last night. This morning a stag was standing iny yard looking straight at me. Beautiful start to a new day
    Must be a message there for me.

    Kathie Quinn
  • Dear entered my life this morning gently walking through my yard before sunrise. This is very powerful medicine for me and exactly what I needed to read. I love and live by the medicine cards. Thank you

  • I drew this card today, and I am grateful to be reminded that gentleness is a good way to begin to heal my hurts and the hurts of others.

    Tamara Miles
  • Thank you!


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