Death Tarot Reading

Today’s tarot card is DEATH from the Rider Waite deck. We see an image of the Grim Reaper in black armor atop a white horse, marching through an apparent battlefield approaching a religious figure, a woman, and a child. Death is an inevitable aspect of life.
Contrary to any initial impression, the Death card is neither a bad omen nor does it signify an actual, physical death.
The message of this card today suggests the end of something, the release of limiting belief systems, patterned behaviors, or relationships that have served their purpose.
Death also symbolizes new beginnings once we address the ‘bones’ of an issue or complete a lesson. The energy of our past experiences is not destroyed by the Death card. We have the power to transform these energies for change and growth.
The Sun rises in the background of this card, representing hope and the dawn of a new day. There is no reason to fear Death when we understand the power and promise of what exists beyond it.
Is there something in your life you have sustained for maybe a little too long? How can you use the appearance of the Death card today to create necessary AND positive change?
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