Confront Tarot Reading

This week's tarot card with Penny Harrington is CONFRONT - #18 Major Arcana from the Psychic Tarot for the Heart by John Holland. The Confront card is the same as the Moon card in other decks.
A man wearing what appears to be a robe with a hood lined with silver cloth and an orange top.  He is standing in a grassy area and above him are white clouds in a beautiful blue sky.  However, he is focused on a portal that leads to another place.  In that place, the earth appears to be orange and barren and it is night there with a quarter moon and starts twinkling in a dark blue sky.  There is also a human figure standing on the other side of the portal.  It appears to be a child.  The man has to make a decision to either enter the portal and wind up in a strange land, or stay where he is.  It feels as if he has been pulled to this place.  Does he have the courage to enter the portal and confront whatever he may find.  Maybe the figure on the other side is him at a different age.  One thing for sure, it is darker on that side than on the side in which he stands.
This card is offering us the opportunity to face our fears and conquer them at last.  If this comes up in your reading, do you have the strength to enter that portal and deal with what waits there?  Sometimes when we face our fears, they are not as scary as we thought.  It is only through confronting what lies hidden in our psyche that we can heal and move on. 

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