Chariot Tarot Card Reading

Today’s Tarot Card is the CHARIOT from the Rider Waite Deck. We see a young armor-clad charioteer leaving the city behind, embarking on a journey into the unknown as a spiritual warrior. Two sphinxes lead the chariot in place of horses. One sphinx is white, the other black, symbolizing the duality of light and shadow, male and female, action and reaction…and so on. Over the charioteer’s head is a starred canopy, suggesting heavenly protection and guidance for the journey ahead.
This card signifies forward movement, change, and navigating our spiritual paths. The Chariot’s appearance today reminds us we are already in motion on the grand adventure of our lives. 
In every journey, we experience triumphs and challenges, successes and failures. Like the charioteer who stands above the opposing sphinxes, we too can apply learned self-knowledge to rise above and overcome any obstacles we encounter.
The Chariot also symbolizes exploration, focus, and faith. Today’s card asks if we are prepared to leave behind what is familiar in order to discover new horizons. It could be a profound awakening, a new career, or perhaps traveling abroad. The message is meant to get us moving if we have become a bit too comfortable with the status quo recently.
The charioteer is in the spiritual driver’s seat both literally and metaphorically, and today he asks, “Are you?” 

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