Butterfly Medicine Card Reading

“TRANSFORMATION” is upon us when Butterfly appears as today’s Medicine Card totem, and now is the time to embrace change! The cycle and life of the Butterfly reminds us to observe our own cycles throughout our journeys, and to be open to transformation of our experiences—and our Selves—when opportunities for change arise.

Butterfly asks us today to consider where we are in any cycle of an idea, shift, or manifestation as we create our realities in every moment. From the “egg” stage where thoughts and intentions are formed, we are empowered to nurture ourselves as we bring our ideas forward with loving care. As we move into the “larva” stage where we begin to make decisions that forge our paths ahead, we are called to align our attention with our intention for the highest good. In the “cocoon” phase, it is time to go within and to determine if we are in either action or inaction toward making change a reality. With mindful awareness and resolve throughout each phase, we can choose to “birth” the energy that has been incubating and discover we have been beautifully transformed in the process!
Whether you are undertaking a new project, considering significant personal or professional change, or wish to more clearly understand the next step on your spiritual journey, Butterfly helps us allow transformation to occur as a natural and progressive process. Our lives are filled with possibility and potential, and we are reminded today that we—just as Butterfly—are in a continual and beautiful cycle of renewal and change!
This Medicine Card deck and book by Jamie Sams and David Carson offers insight and wisdom through the power of animal symbolism and sacred teachings.