Blue Heron Oracle Reading

This week’s Oracle reading is BLUE HERON from the Gaia’s Guidance deck by Amanda Smith.
Amanda shares the wisdom and healing being offered to you through the energy of Blue Heron:
You have been working too hard or allowing too much of your energy to flow out while not recharging your own self. So, this week you are taking a much-deserved break.  It's playtime! 
The fire card indicates that there is an immediate need to release the fears that rule you.  The fears surround acknowledgement of your own authentic self and expression of that authenticity. 
The Blue Heron can be silent, yet wise.  She is able to listen, absorb and see the bigger picture and the consequences of choices far into the future.
Fear of judgement or lack of trust in that gift will keep the Blue Heron silent.  Those fears need to be released, and the immediacy of the fire indicates that you are receiving circumstances that are pushing you beyond your comfort zone. 
The edge of that comfort zone is where the magic happens.  It's okay to embody the leisure of the Indian Summer card for a while; however, don't let it turn into avoidance. 
For now, you can list out all the things about yourself that you like and that you know you are.  Look at those things and add to them as you get more clarity about yourself. 
Then ask yourself what you would like to do that will express these things authentically.  Make that list also. 
What do you want to create and what are the actions needed to do that?  Begin to take these actions one at a time and remember that this is about your ability to share your Blue Heron wisdom. 
See the bigger picture and give voice to it. Small steps turn into leaps and before you know it, you will be flying.
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