Beaver Medicine Reading

This week’s Medicine Card is busy as a…BEAVER! A totem of creativity AND creation, Beaver medicine can teach you to create industrious action in your life.
Beaver is a doer. He envisions a project and focuses on that plan until it’s complete. 
Your first lesson with Beaver medicine: STOP procrastinating. If you’ve been putting off the things you really want to accomplish, Beaver reminds you that there’s no time like the present to get going.
Beavers are known for their independence; however, they collaborate efficiently in groups and recognize the power of teamwork.  Beavers balance individual pursuits with the good of the collective. They also take time out from work to play together.
Your second lesson: Balance is necessary in all endeavors. Perhaps it is time for you to work with others in pursuit of your dreams. Or maybe it’s time you balance structure with a little bit more fun on the road to success.
As one of nature’s master architects, Beaver always builds his home with several entrances and exits as escape routes. Beaver understands that limitation cancels productivity and is therefore never without options.
Your third lesson: Be creative and never give up! Can you imagine if Beaver built just HALF a dam and quit? Use Beaver medicine to boost your natural ingenuity, to find new solutions and ideas to bring your dreams into form. Keep your options open and make it happen.  
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