Bat Medicine Oracle Reading

This week’s Medicine Card reading is the magical and mysterious BAT, emerging from the dark of night with a powerful message for you.
Bat medicine has been treasured for centuries by the Aztec, Toltec, and Mayan people as a symbol of death and rebirth.
In shamanic teachings, an initiate (student) must undergo a ceremonial death in which the old ways of life and personal identity are released. All former notions of the ‘self’ are shed on the path to becoming a full shaman and healer.
Bat instinctively navigates in darkness and guides an initiate to pass through the shadow of death free from fear or resistance.
Bat hangs upside-down, representing the ability to transpose your former self into a newborn being. Take this opportunity to experience a symbolic death in your life and let go of old patterns or stagnation.
Beyond the darkness and through the unknown, your Destiny is calling. Surrender to the new life you wish to create, and bravely greet the dawn.
Bat says, “Be flexible. Prepare for rebirth. The time is now, the power is you.”
This Medicine Card deck and book by Jamie Sams and David Carson offers insight and wisdom through the power of animal symbolism and sacred teachings. A timeless tool for spiritual growth and transformation, you will love using these cards every day!
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