Alchemist Tarot Reading

This week’s tarot card with Penny Harrington is The Alchemist from the Illuminati Tarot Deck. It is the same as the Magician in the Rider Waite Tarot deck.
This man is finely dressed in red robes adorned with gold trimmings. A, gold pentacle, gold cup and gold sword float in the air while he points his gold wand to the heavens. He is reading from a book that he holds in his left hand that likely contains magic spells or secret knowledge.
The translucent blue symbols floating in the air represent his ability to make magic real. The Alchemist is a major arcana card.
The lesson is that we can manifest anything we need if we use the tools at our command. But it takes a plan to implement what you manifest. For example, if we want to manifest abundance, we should have a plan for how to use that abundance.
What do you want to manifest in your life? And what will you do once it becomes manifest?
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