Ace of Pentacles Tarot Reading

Just for fun and because it is spring, this week’s Tarot Reading with Penny Harrington is from the deck. The card Penny chose is the Ace of Pentacles.
In tarot, Aces represent new beginnings and new gifts related to the suit. For example, Ace of Cups would represent new beginnings in your relationship or a new love coming into your life. This could be a person or a skill or an animal, etc.
Our Ace of Pentacles clearly represents new wealth or new health because the monster is holding a Pentacle covered with a flowering vine.
Pentacles is a suit that represents the earth and all of its resources including the health of the earth and of our bodies. When you see flowering plants in tarot, it indicates growth.
The monster is very pleased with itself and is happy to present this gift to you. In fact, It is floating on a pink cloud. There is a flowering plant growing on the cloud which represents more abundance and you don’t have to do anything to receive it.
Even the little monster bug is bringing in its gift of a single bloom. This means you will have all kinds of support as you welcome new health, wealth and abundance of all kinds into your life.
Happy Spring!!

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