2020 Astrology Forecast!

2020: Conspire With Possibility, Steady Manifestation
Happy 2020 everybody!
2019 was quite a doozy, was it not? There has been SO MUCH expansion as well as the dismantling of things in our lives that just no longer serve. It's been A LOT to move through, to release, surrender, and let go of to make way for the new. Sometimes it can be challenging to let go, sometimes it can be hard to step into new bigger shoes, but here we are at the beginning of 2020. Our new shoes have been acquired, now it's time to walk the talk and dig in!
The month of December was quite sobering with the shifting into Capricorn on Dec. 2nd with Saturn, Pluto & the S. Node. This began setting the tone for the next year, as Jupiter will be in Capricorn until December 2020. All of the ways in which we expanded big time in 2019, it's now time to step up and do the work it takes to keep up and maintain all that juicy goodness! With great reward comes great responsibility: this is Jupiter in Sagittarius shifting into Capricorn. Trust yourself to fill those shoes.
This past December we also had the Winter Solstice on Dec. 21st and the Solar Eclipse on Dec. 25th. The darkest night of the year followed by a great new dawn & beginning, but the beginning was also conjunct the S. Node, which means this was also a great ending. This signified a huge release of the old self.
What old self are we releasing in order to step up into the new? What do we need to embody in order to fulfill this new-self coming into life? Recognize, observe & allow the major shifts that are happening within you.
This is the perfect time to be cutting back and pruning your life. Clean your house, donate–give to others what you are not making use of, cut out relationships that are no longer serving you. This is what Saturn wants. With all this Capricorn energy the winter "cut back" vibe is SO real.

2020: This is a big year. Not only is it a new year, we have the biggest transit of the decade happening in January 2020. Then in December, we will have a transit that closes out a 200-year cycle. Talk about bookends, right? (Another post on that later.)
SO. How can we bring our intention into co-creating a conscious evolution throughout 2020?
Some key points are:
• Conspire with possibility
• Set BIG intentions for long-term goals
• Allow what no longer serves to fall away
• Seek those hidden opportunities 
• Keep patient & be compassionate towards yourself and others
• Get ready to step into BIG new shoes–step-by-step, one foot in front of the other
Make time for yourself and set clear goals & intentions for the New Year. It just so happens that astrologically, this New Year actually supports a "new you" type of attitude.
On Jan. 2nd, we have Mercury conjunct Jupiter. This transit may be helpful in providing you insight as well as helping you clarify the ways in which you–and even the life around you–are expanding. This energy can help you further clarify your goals for the year. Just remember, this is big picture stuff. Jupiter is not keen on the details, so keep dreaming BIG! The intentions you set now will likely set strong foundations (Capricorn) for goals over the long-term. However, make sure you're letting go in order to make room!
Ask yourself:
Are the intentions I'm setting compatible with my best interest?
Am I acting in accordance with my own integrity?
This year has A LOT of Capricorn energy. Now while it will vary in degree on how that impacts our own personal charts, it will indeed impact us on a global scale. Capricorn symbolizes the sea-goat; goats climb mountains: What mountains are we climbing on a broader scale, in our social, economic, environmental & political realms?
Keys to remember while climbing mountains:
• Stay present–focus on the step in front of you, especially when feeling overwhelmed
• Remember the goal
• Roadblocks are sometimes necessary for growth: greet them with curiosity & wonder
• Look for hidden gems & opportunities along the way
• You may need to lighten your load: let go of things you no longer need to move forward
• Practice gratitude
• Hard-work can be so incredibly rewarding
With enough creative ingenuity, self-will & determination any mountain can be climbed. There may be roadblocks, you may have to let go of things–it's not always an easy journey, but hard work can be incredibly rewarding!
Just remember, we are all in this together. Be kind & compassionate & understanding. Hold space for others, and hold space for yourself. We are all co-creating this new age together. Just show up, even if that means only showing up for you. We have to take care of ourselves first before we can show up for others: our family, our friends, our community & our earth.
May everyone's 2020 be filled with consistent growth, manifestation, dreams becoming reality & expansion that is grounded in the physical world.