Simone Laurent

Simone grew up on the Central Coast, and was first introduced to crystal energy, healing and Light work in childhood by her mom, Sandy. Her dad, Bud, was a marine biologist in Morro Bay for several years and taught Simone to honor all beings and to respect our ocean as an essential life force of our world.

Simone is an Andean Mesa carrier trained in time-honored shamanic practices, blending Peruvian Laika wisdom teachings with Native American traditions in both ceremony and session work.

As a crystal healing and energy practitioner, aura and intuitive reader, and certified hypnotist with a focus in meditation, Simone believes spiritual transformation through personal empowerment exists within each of us.

Simone loves working with crystals and minerals and sharing their remarkable beauty and power with others.

She offers classes including Medicine Wheel designed to heal and enlighten students with practical tools for everyday life. 

A member of the Ruby Dragon family since 2015, Simone feels privileged to serve our community and is available for healing sessions by appointment.

Let Love and Light Live Through You.” ♥♥ Simone E. A. Laurent {Two Hearts}


Simone offers the following services by appointment:

Shamanic / Energy Healing
$125 (60 min.)