Grace Collins

From a young age, Grace knew she had intuitive gifts. She seemed to get hints from the universe when events were about to happen.
Grace can recall a time when she was younger and experienced a gut feeling about a family member, surprised when her intuition turned out to be correct. 
Grace often wondered why she had these ‘feelings’ when others around her did not and tried to integrate her blossoming intuition with her belief system.
After years of quietly living with her gifts, Grace talked with her mother.  Her mom was the first person to tell Grace that she was gifted by something much greater than herself. She urged Grace to pursue meditation, yoga, and moon ceremonies to try to connect with these gifts on a more personal level. Initially reluctant, Grace later had a complete spiritual awakening as a result of her meditation practice.
Grace began working at the shop in 2018. Since joining the Ruby Dragon family, she has been working more with her psychic and intuitive skills. She has learned to trust her gut feelings as meaningful to her practice, especially in her offerings of Aura and intuitive readings. 
Grace has realized she has many other skills and is pursuing these through her work at Ruby Dragon.
She is happy to share her gifts and to help others through the intuitive messages and guidance she receives.
Grace offers her services by appointment, or you can come in for an Aura reading when Grace is in the shop!